Greenway Jay

Leave NLC following the side path as far as Boundary Lane.

Turn left and follow the path and then road up to the Greenway. Turn right into the Greenway and continue until the exit at High Street South. Turn around and proceed back to Boundary Lane, then across the road and along the other side of the Greenway as far as Prince Regent Lane. Cross the road and follow the Greenway again over the road crossings in turn at Barking Road / Balaam Street / Upper Road.

Continue along the Greenway past East London Cemetery and Memorial Park until crossing over Manor Road and then across Canning Road and on past Abbey Mills pumping station as far as Stratford High Street.

At which point, turn around and retrace the route directly back to NLC. [turn right at Boundary Lane on the way back - DO NOT continue as far as High Street South again]