Leave NLC following the side path as far as Boundary Lane. Turn left and follow the path and then road up to the Greenway. Turn right into the Greenway and continue until the exit at High Street South.

Cross the road and follow the cycleway past the East Ham Nature Reserve along the Newham Way as far as an entrance to Gooseley Playing Field. Continue on the path in the park and then left and around the cinder trim trial until just before the tennis courts, where a left turn exits the park onto Gooseley Lane.

Turn right and rejoin the Newham Way.

Cross over the footbridge and follow the cycleway the other side of the road up to the North Circular roundabout, taking the subways underneath to continue along the cycleway beside Alfred's Way until it turns onto spur road. Follow this down to the Showcase Cinema complex.

Turn to the right and cross at the Zebra crossing then follow around the back of the large blue building and then through the carpark beside and then behind the cinema. At the yellow 'no stopping box' painted on the tarmac turn right and follow the path up to a locked gate. Turn left and follow the path behind the Big Moe's Diner and continue on alongside the River Roding past Whitings Sluice gate and then continue along the gravel path as far as Oakentrough Sluice gate, not long after which the path terminates at Jenkins Lane.

At this point, turn around and retrace the route back to NLC.