Long Run

Sunday Morning Runs - 8AM & 9AM
Steady paced runs, varying in distance depending on the time of year, on roads and park paths around Newham and beyond. Members are told in advance which route will be undertaken and the course description is reiterated before the session begins.

During the summer months, post London Marathon, the club usually organises two Sunday runs - one at 8AM and one at 9AM, starting and finishing from outside Terence McMillan stadium. Both of these hour long runs cover about 6-7 miles at a pace dependent on who is present. Usually the earlier group will run at a slightly faster pace than the later group. Average paces are usually in the 8-11 minutes a mile range. The more experienced runners may well do both sessions to cover at least 10+ miles. Other Sunday runs are also organised by members on a more informal basis.

From the Autumn onwards, when those training for half marathons and marathons [and longer] start to increase their mileage, the sessions change slightly. These runners will generally meet at 8am and will now cover at least 10 miles and building to 22 miles by the Spring, in groupings based on ability/pace. However, routes are designed so that those training for shorter distances can still take part if they are able to match the same paces. There is also another 9am group specifically for those only needing/wanting shorter distances and/or a slower pace. This group will usually cover between 6-12 miles depending on the needs of those that attend.

The October - March longer runs are part of a progressive Marathon Training schedule aimed at preparing members for the London Marathon and other spring marathons. The training incorporates long long runs, hill training, race pace practice runs and time trials. This six month training culminates in a club run of 22 miles over the London Marathon course, about five weeks before the race.

Here is a selection of some of the club's Long Run routes.

To ensure runner's safety and maximise training benefits, we recommend that those attending Sunday morning runs can already manage at least 6 miles at roughly 10 to 11minutes a mile pace. For those not yet at this level, we encourage them to first come along to some Tuesday night speedwork training or try some Run England sessions.

For the safety of all runners and to aid leaders whilst on the roads, we request that runners DO NOT wear headphones whilst on club runs.