Training and News 01 December 2014


Tuesday 2 December
Dave E: 1600m reps run in groups, different paces/recovery times.

Thursday 4 December
Leader and Route to be advised.

Sunday 7 December
We have quite a few purples taking part in events on Sunday 7 December so Phil has kindly offered to extend his Sunday Session at Central Park, East Ham and start at 8am.

Hainault Hills

Message from Neil:

Hi all, occasionally of the last couple of years i have been running with my brother in law over in the forests of Hainault. This has been opened up to members of the club and many have been along in that time.

We tend to favour a 6 mile hilly route through the forest and at this time of year Hi-Viz and head torches are mandatory. Because it is a trail run it entirely open to the elements and the last couple of times is been very muddy and of course cold.

Since we started running this course we've suggested meeting up in the Miller and Carter for a post run beverage (or food). But we've never done it - up until now.

The next date mooted for the run is the 22nd of december at 19:00. However add it is very close to Christmas, I would like to know how many people would be interested before i start organising transport etc.

If you are interested you can let me know via Facebook.

I look forwards to hearing from you all,


London Marathon

Many congratulations to the following VMLM winners:

  • Kenny
  • Celine
  • Ian

Good luck with all your training!

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