Training Week 11 January 2016

Tuesday 12th January

7pm - Newham Leisure Centre - Track Session - David E - Pyramid session -200-400-600-800-800-600-400-200m at 10k pace with 100m slow jog/walk recoveries, 200m recovery between the 800s, total 12 laps

Second Track Session of the year! From the General Manager “The concierges will allow club participants through the gates via their remote control of the gates, participates need only identify themselves to the concierge team”.

Thursday 14th January

7pm - Newham Leisure Centre - 7@7 (7 miles at 7pm) - David Radford

All paces welcome, no one gets left behind.
This is a great run for all members of the club whether you are trying to increase mileage or speed everyone is welcome.
Please wear Hi Vis

Saturday 16th January

9am - parkrun -
A free 5km event every Saturday all around the country, Beckton and Wanstead are the closest.

Sunday 17th January

Sorry, NO social run this week due to being short of leaders. We would encourage members to meet and arrange own runs if they want to, please let others know.

Marathon Training Week #4 13.1miles
8:30am - NLC - Cheryl - 13.1 miles at 10:30 - 11 min/mile pace

9am - NLC - Rod - 13.1 miles at pace determine by who shows up, and what leaders are there. All welcome.

Please check Facebook and website for updates about runs.

Please feel free to arrange your own runs using Whatsapp and/or Facebook.