Training Week 13th March 2016

Tuesday 15th March

7pm - Newham Leisure Centre – Track Session

Thursday 17th March

7pm - Newham Leisure Centre - 7@7 (7 miles at 7pm)

All paces welcome, no one gets left behind.
This is a great run for all members of the club whether you are trying to increase mileage or speed everyone is welcome.
Please wear Hi Vis.

Saturday 19th March

9am - parkrun -A free 5km event every Saturday all around the country, Beckton and Wanstead are the closest.

8am - Prince Regent lane Green entrance – Dave R - 18 miles at pace 10/11 min miles

Sunday 20th March

9:30am Great Run Local Newham – FREE Timed 5km & 2km family every Sunday at New Beckton Park, Savage Gardens,London E6 5NB

The Great Run Local Newham session will cater for everyone including families with young children and buggies.

See the following for more details:

6am - NLC - Phil – 20 miles

8am - NLC - Sandy – 18 Miles at 10:30 - 11 min/miles - SANDY'S LAST RUN as a leader before she leaves club and returns to Ireland :(

8am - NLC – Rod - 20 Miles Pace dependent on who is running

Remember you can always run part of the distance and turn round earlier, or take your oyster card and get the train back.

Please check Facebook and website for updates about runs.

Please feel free to arrange your own runs using Whatsapp and/or Facebook.