Training Week 14 December 2015

Tuesday 15 December

7pm - Newham Leisure Centre - Track Session
Christmas handicap on track with food, drinks, music and medals! Speak or email Rod for details -

Thursday 17 December

7pm - Newham Leisure Centre - 7@7 (7 miles at 7pm) - Dave R

All paces welcome, no one gets left behind.
This is a great run for all members of the club whether you are trying to increase mileage or speed everyone is welcome.
Please wear Hi Vis

Saturday 19 December

9am - parkrun -
A FREE 5km event every Saturday all around the country, Beckton and Wanstead are the closest.

Sunday 20 December

7am - NLC - Phil - for 2 hours

8am - NLC - Peter G - 13 miles at 9 mins/mile pace

9am - NLC - Rav/Rod 5 miles Everyone welcome, give it a go running at the pace of the last runner.

9am - NLC - Ian - 10 miles at determined by who shows up!

Please feel free to arrange your own runs using Whatsapp and/or Facebook.