Training Week 20th December 2015

Friday 25th December

9am - Christmas Day parkrun - Eat your Christmas dinner guilt free! Beckton and Wanstead are the closest.

Saturday 26th December

9am - parkrun -A free 5km event every Saturday all around the country, Beckton and Wanstead are the closest.

Sunday 27th December

Marathon Training begins! Week 1 with Rod. I will be here for the next 18 weeks please join me, every Sunday 9am!

9am - NLC - Rod - 10 miles at pace determine by who shows up, all welcome
9am - NLC - Rav - 10 miles at at 11 mins/mile

7am - NLC - Phil - 10 miles at 8:30 mins/mile

9am - NLC - Social Run Cheryl - 5 miles Everyone welcome, give it a go running at the pace of the last runner. Run off some of that festive cheer.

Please feel free to arrange your own runs using Whatsapp and/or Facebook.