Beckton Alps

Leave NLC following the side path as far as Boundary Lane. Turn left and follow the path and then road up to the Greenway. Turn right into the Greenway and continue until the first exit on the left [between the double gates]. Turn right on Lonsdale Avenue, across the zebra crossing and into Brampton Park. Turn immediately left and follow around the cinder trim trial path and then left and around the tarmac path until the exit [behind the 'pavillion'] onto Masterman Road.

Take the road directly ahead, Boston Road, before turning right onto Haldane Road which then becomes Pulleyns Avenue. At the T junction turn left, Ascot Road, before turning right onto Rancliffe Road and then going in the gate to Central Park. Follow the 1K trim trail path around the park and exit at the same location.

Proceed down High Street South as far as the Newham Way. Cross over to the Beckton Alps.

TWICE up and down [as far as the fence overlooking the burnt-out timber platform].

After which, turn around and retrace the route back to NLC.

A Leaders' more detailed version of the map is available here.