Windsor Park Bridge

Out the front of NLC and across the footbridge.

Along Tollgate Road and over the mini roundabout at the top of Stansfeld Road, past the bus stop and turning right and going down the path through Beckton District Park South as far as the children's playground just past the Will Thorne Pavilion car park.

At this point continue on the park path around to the left and then straight on along the Beckton Corridor.

At the end of the corridor [opposite the Asda supermarket/bus station] turn left up Woolwich Manor Way taking the subway across the road at the junction with Tollgate Road. Follow the cycleway around the Beckton Alps corner and cut into the Greenway alongside the Newham Way. At the far end of this absolutely straight path turn right down the cycle path and continue parallel with, and eventually emerging onto Royal Docks Road. Take the path to the right at the point where Atlantis Avenue turns off to the left into Gallions Reach, and follow this path all the way till it reaches the stranded Windsor Park bridge.

Take the pigtail path under the bridge to the top and continue to the far end of the bridge.

At which point, turn around and retrace the route back to NLC.

A Leaders' more detailed version of the map is available here.