7 Miles Steady Run (Thursday)

Thursday Night Run - 7PM

A steady/variable paced run, always 7 miles, on roads and park paths around Newham. Members are told in advance which route will be undertaken and the course description is reiterated before the session begins.

No one gets left behind.

For safety reasons, as well as for fostering team spirit, members are encouraged to wear club colours during the lighter months of the year. Roads are crossed together. The design of all the routes is 'out and back', so that anyone needing to turn around early can easily navigate their return. The evening's ethos is very much the club motto - No one gets left behind.

So that differing levels of ability can all run together, certain parts of each course are earmarked as faster sections. Those wanting a more pacey run will speed up and move away over these sections, turn around at a predesignated point, and speed back, to join on at the back of the group whilst they catch their breath before the next quicker pace effort. The faster runners may therefore cover up to 8 or 9 miles as a Fartlek session. Everyone is encouraged to try at least one faster section during each run.

As each run covers 7 miles and starts at 7pm, these runs are affectionately known as the 7 at 7's

Runners before the session


To ensure runner's safety and maximise training benefits, we recommend that those attending Thursday night runs can already manage at least 6 miles at roughly 10.30 minutes a mile pace. For those not yet at this level, we encourage them to first come along to some Tuesday night speedwork training or try some Run England sessions.

For the safety of all runners and to aid leaders whilst on the roads, we require members to wear High Viz clothing during the darker months. We also request that runners do not wear headphones whilst on club runs.