London Marathon Club Draw

Rules for Entering the Club’s London Marathon Draw

This year we are giving those that do most for the club the opportunity to increase their chances by putting their name into the draw twice.

Eligibility criteria – to enter the draw you must:

• Have 6 unspent-volunteer points on 6 Dec for a single entry.
• Have a further 8 unspent volunteer points on 6 Dec for a second entry (i.e. 14 points in total for two entries).
• Be a fully registered, paid up member of EERR. You must have joined before 5 November 2018 (this is the day on which VLM organisers check the club’s membership list and determine how many places we get).
• Hold evidence of rejection from the London Marathon central ballot.
• Not have been the recipient of the club place in 2018 or 2017 (if you were a reserve but didn't actually run, you may enter).
• Be prepared to train regularly with the club and represent EERR’s spirit on the day of the race. This includes wearing the club’s branded T-shirt or vest (under exceptional circumstances the committee will consider the wearing of other attire including, for example, a charity-branded T-shirt or a fancy dress costume to raise money for charity).
• Be prepared to undertake a review of your training and fitness (by an EERR coach) in late January – as this is the last date we can switch names to a reserve.

Please note

• All names (men and women and first and second entries) will go in ONE hat.
• Success in the draw does not cover cost of entry to the race. Winners will have to cover that themselves.
• Volunteer points will be deducted from your account regardless of success in the draw.
• See volunteer points list here: to check how many points you have.
• Two entries in the draw is the maximum allowed - even if the member has more volunteer points available.
• Although we will not be 100% certain of the number of club Marathon places available until the size of membership is judged on 5 November, it is highly likely that we will get two places. In this scenario four names will be drawn - two runners and two reserves (first reserve and second reserve).
• The reserves are applicable until 31 January 2019. After this date we are unable to switch names with VLM even if the main runner becomes injured.
• We expect everyone entering the draw to be in reasonable fitness. We expect members whose names are drawn to be able to run approx. 10 miles comfortably by the time official marathon training commences on 6 January 2019.
• Those considering entering the draw are strongly advised to attend the 7@7 runs on Thursdays and the general Sunday runs between now and the start of official training in January.

How do I enter?

If you meet the eligibility criteria and would like to enter the draw please email Jamie at before 23:59 on Wednesday 6 December. Late requests will not be accepted. Emails must:
• Clearly state whether you want a single or double entry in the draw.
• Be accompanied by evidence of rejection from VLM’s central ballot.