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Hello and welcome to the EERR Virtual Challenges webpage. Here you will find the latest updates, results and the input form for entering the Virtual Weekly Challenges. There will be the WEEKLY 5KM CHALLENGE (just like a solo Parkrun but any day of the week you want and any route) and updates with stats published such as times, names , age grade (but unfortunately without any milestone t-shirts). There will also be regular challenges including the ever popular (or dreaded) 1.5 mile Time Trial and other distances - see the Virtual Challenge Schedule below.

For basic rules please read the guidance on the frontpage of the google form below.



STATISTICSWK12 - Bonus- 1.5 mile WK12 - WEEKLY VC 5kALL WEEKS - VC 5KALL Virtual Challenges
No. Entries714293564
First Timers25362
VC PBs5284119
Average Finish 12:3529:3229:0746:15
Avg Age Grade63.27%53.82%54.89%51.51%
Metres Ran16,89870,0001,465,0003,850,195
Time Running1:28:026:53:21142:10:59434:49:16


Weekly Roundup

STORY AND STATS OF WEEK - Week 12 - 5k and 1.5 mile TT

Week 12 had the dreaded 1.5mile time trial, the 5k and a very hot and sticky heatwave that seems to have scared away all but the regulars. We had our lowest ever turnout with 7 entrants for the 1.5 mile TT and 14 entrants for the 5k. Of the 5 repeated offenders for the 1.5 mile TT, impressively all set a VC bettering their previous best – all that running paying off. To date we have had 62 challengers completing a total of 293 VC 5Ks and 564 VC overall.

DEBUTANTS – Regulars only! Only the hardy battled the heat.

VC NEW AGE GRADE RECORD ALERT!!!! In the 1.5 mile TT Catherine Apps took the Age Grade best and new VC overall best of 81.5% - well done Catherine beating your own record comfortably. Mark McColgan was fastest male with a time of 18:10, and Lisa Naylor was top female with 11:41 at York Racecourse (let’s hope she abided by the rule of no mechanical or animal transport!)
Mark McColgan (18:02) was top of the overall VC5k and Hazel Reade (24:54) was the top female.

TIP OF THE WEEK – early out to beat the hot weather – Dini got out early twice in the week and managed to beat not only the worst of the heatwave but also her previous VC best with a big VC PB in the 5k and also a PB in the 1.5mTT.

PBs – As previously mentioned, of the 5 repeated offenders for the 1.5 mile TT, impressively all set a VC bettering their previous best. In the 5k there were 2 more PBS in the VC 5k this week and so 84 VC 5k PBs to date. PBs were Nicholas May by 1:40 and Dini Patel by 2:47.
WHINGER OF THE WEEK – New shoes! And other excuses! ….Matt Jones clear winner for Week 12 with this lazy attempt at runner’s excuses. On a side note, Matt picked up an injury so wishing him a speedy recovery and feel free to whinge.

RANDOM QUOTES OF THE WEEK – “Baking! ”; “hot and sweaty”; “Very, Very hot”…yes so we get that it was hot so one not about the heat “A quick 1.5 miler around York racecourse! - No horses to chase though”

EVER PRESENT - VC champions - EERR ever present (every challenge): 4 people now remaining to have completed all challenges to date - Lisa Naylor, Paul Jackson, Dini Patel, and Mark McColgan.
- VC champions - every week: Still championing 5k each week are Remi Kubar and Colin Jenkins. Hazel Reade has also completed a challenge every week.

Latest Week Results

WK12_5k1Mark McColgan18:0273.57%M_1(stays at 17:51)Lower Greenway / Roman RoardGreenway / Roman RoadSun, 09-Aug12 RUNS46 RUNS
WK12_5k2Paul Jackson23:1560.65%M_2(stays at 21:46)Ickworth ParkIckworth House, Bury St EdmundsSat, 08-Aug12 RUNS23 RUNS
WK12_5k3Mark Sheraton23:5057.90%M_3(stays at 22:10)Warsaw 5kOgród Saski park, WarsawWed, 05-Aug7 RUNS7 RUNS
WK12_5k4Hazel Reade24:5459.84%F_1(stays at 22:16)East Ham SE loopEast HamWed, 05-Aug10 RUNS21 RUNS
WK12_5k5Remi Kubar25:5253.74%M_4(stays at 20:15)Barrier Park 5kBarrier Park, SilvertownThu, 06-Aug12 RUNS25 RUNS
WK12_5k6Nicholas May26:1652.54%M_5PB!!! (by 1:40)Linslade, BedfordshireLinslade, BedfordshireMon, 03-Aug3 RUNS3 RUNS
WK12_5k7Lisa Naylor26:2060.19%F_2(stays at 24:32)Ickworth House grounds Ickworth House, Bury St EdmundsSat, 08-Aug12 RUNS19 RUNS
WK12_5k8Paul Dennis29:3450.28%M_6(stays at 25:47)GreenwayGreenway / East HamThu, 06-Aug7 RUNS13 RUNS
WK12_5k9Colin Jenkins29:5855.56%M_7(stays at 29:27)Beckton ParkrunBeckton Distict Park SouthSat, 08-Aug12 RUNS12 RUNS
WK12_5k10Monica Secretan30:0750.64%F_3(stays at 28:34)Wanstead 5k Manor Park / Wanstead ParkThu, 06-Aug11 RUNS13 RUNS
WK12_5k11Hannah Williams33:4944.85%F_4(stays at 32:22)Greenway: Balaam to Stratford and back GreenwaySun, 09-Aug8 RUNS8 RUNS
WK12_5k12Vinodini Patel39:0946.79%F_5PB!!! (by 2:47)Beckton zig-zag 5k runBeckton Distict Park SouthSat, 08-Aug12 RUNS29 RUNS
WK12_5k13Ravindra Luggah40:1138.78%F_6(stays at 36:15)GreenwayGreenwayTue, 04-Aug3 RUNS4 RUNS
WK12_5k14David Thurtle42:0448.18%M_8(stays at 38:57)Not ParkrunBeckton Distict Park SouthSat, 08-Aug11 RUNS12 RUNS
1.5 mile TTPosFull NameFinishAge GrM/F_PosVIRTUAL PBCourseLocationDateDIST RUNSTOTAL VC RUNS
1.5 mile TT1Mark McColgan08:1072.68%M_1PB!!! (by 0:14)Lower GreenwayGreenwaySat, 08-Aug2 RUNS45 RUNS
1.5 mile TT2Matthew Jones08:5864.96%M_2PB!!! (by 0:26)Excel to UELRoyal DocksWed, 05-Aug2 RUNS23 RUNS
1.5 mile TT3Paul Jackson10:0662.74%M_3PB!!! (by 1:16)York RacecourseYork Racecourse Wed, 05-Aug2 RUNS22 RUNS
1.5 mile TT4Lisa Naylor11:4163.32%F_1PB!!! (by 0:22)York Racecourse York Racecourse Wed, 05-Aug2 RUNS20 RUNS
1.5 mile TT5Catherine Apps11:5981.50%F_2VC1.5m First Timer!greenway - brampton to high st south and backGreenwayFri, 07-Aug1.5m debut8 RUNS
1.5 mile TT6David Thurtle17:2253.23%M_4VC1.5m First Timer!Savage GdnsNew Beckton ParkThu, 06-Aug1.5m debut11 RUNS
1.5 mile TT7Vinodini Patel19:4644.43%F_3PB!!! (by 0:35)VC 1.5mile TT RunPlashet ParkThu, 06-Aug2 RUNS28 RUNS

VC PBs, Latest and Past Results

Virtual Challenges (Results and PBs) 202000809.xlsx

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